YouTube Shorts Traffic Strategy

YouTube Shorts Traffic Strategy - Complete guide

YouTube Shorts Traffic Strategy

YouTube Shorts is now the third major social platform, following Instagram’s Reels and Snapchat’s Spotlight, to take on TikTok and jump on the short-form video trend that’s taking the social media world by storm.

The YouTube Shorts player surpassed 15 billion daily views globally. Are YouTube Shorts the golden ticket to creator success? How do you even make one? Those are valid questions, so here’s everything you need to know about the new feature To get started, our comprehensive and professionally researched YouTube shorts Excellence Guide will assist you at every step of creating your perfect shorts and a long-term digital content strategy.

This guide will help you understand all about the YouTube shorts platform, its features, how the algorithm works, monetization rules, content creation strategy, and analytics. Plus, so much more! It's golden!

YouTube Shorts Traffic Strategy – Overview

YouTube Shorts – are the latest version of short videos that are popping up across social media.

This is the YouTube version of TikTok and Instagram Reels that we’ve seen arise over the last year or so. 

But the real question is, can it be beneficial for your business and for your YouTube Channel? Let’s find out.

● What Are YouTube Shorts?

What Are YouTube Shorts? These are short videos published on YouTube that can be up to 60 seconds long. They have a general purpose of entertaining or providing value to your viewers.
When you’re scrolling through the YouTube mobile app on your home feed, you will now run into what’s called the Shorts Shelf. Once you click on a Short, from there you can just scroll up to continue watching Shorts from different people. If you noticed, next to the Shorts Shelf, it said Beta.
The other place to find Shorts is along the bottom menu bar. You can click Shorts and scroll through them from there. The nature of these videos is mobile-based. They’re vertical and they’re meant to be recorded from a smartphone.
But you can still access them on desktop or Smart TVs as well, it’s just a little different. When accessing YouTube on a desktop, you’ll notice that even if you scroll down, you’ll never run into a Shorts Shelf. So, you can type in #Shorts into the search bar to find Shorts. Or, you can just go directly to the channel you want to watch and scroll down to see if they have posted any Shorts.

● How Do You Make Shorts?

How Do You Make Shorts

On your smartphone, if you hit the plus sign icon, you can then tap Create a Short. You’re then brought to a screen where you can record a clip directly with the YouTube camera, either front-facing or by flipping to record on a selfie cam. Or, you can also upload a clip from your camera roll. Now before you record, you’ll need to tap that 15 number to turn it to 60 if you want to record up to 60 seconds.

Otherwise, it will end your video at 15 seconds when you’re recording. If you tap on Filters, you can tap through the different filters available for your video. You can click Timer to set a countdown to start or end a recording after so many seconds. This can be helpful if you’re recording yourself on the selfie cam and don’t want the action of your hand hitting record to be included in the video. You can also tap Speed to adjust how slow or how fast you want your video to play. And then, you can also tap Music to choose a song to go with your video.

Once you’ve added everything that you want, you can tap on the next screen. You can add music here too if you didn’t do it on the previous screen. You can add text, and adjust its size of it, color, and placement of it. You can also adjust the timing of when you want the text to be on screen. So if you want the different text to appear on the screen at different times, this is where you adjust that. You can also adjust filters here if you didn’t do that on the previous screen. Once you’re satisfied, you can tap next and:
● Enter your title and description,
● Select if the video is made for kids or not,
● If you want it to be public or not,
…and then hit Upload to post! So those are the basics on how to create a Short. But before you start recording, there are some other things to note when creating Shorts to make sure it’ll help with your YouTube marketing.

● Important Things to keep in mind

Important Things to keep in mind

1. Just like TikTok and Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts loop.

So take advantage of that and make videos that encourage replays!

2. It goes without saying that YouTube Shorts are short in nature!

So you have to make the first few seconds captivating. If you can hook them in the first second, that’s even better.

3. Do you need to add #Shorts to your video?

When Shorts first rolled out, it wasn’t available to everybody yet. And the hack everybody was talking about was to just upload your vertical phone-filmed video like a regular YouTube video. And because it was vertical it would have black borders on the side.
But putting #Shorts in your title and description would help it get picked up by YouTube as a Short. Now that they’re available to everybody in the US, the question is, is adding #Shorts to your video still necessary?
Does it increase more views? Well, as of May 11 of this year, YouTube Creators said they recommend adding #Shorts to help with discovery. So while it’s not required, we think that’s a clear ‘yes’ from them in terms of getting more views from adding it. 

4. Shorts are not Stories.

This may be obvious but we just want to be clear. If you’re new to all these features, it could be easy to get the two confused so we just want to clarify. Stories also can appear on a Stories Shelf-like the one shown here. And, they have a similar creation process of filming through your YouTube camera on your smartphone, adding music, effects, etc.
But unlike Shorts, Stories expire after 7 days, you can find them by tapping on an account’s profile icon if they’ve posted one. Stories are only available to accounts with over 10K subscribers. So there are differences as well as similarities between the two features. So, they are, in fact, two different features. The Shorts Shelf will have the Shorts symbol next to it.
Where do YouTube Shorts fit in your overall digital marketing strategy? What do you use them for? So, monetization should probably not be the sole reason you create Shorts. Let’s look at the reasons why you should create Shorts. 

● Compelling Reasons to create YouTube Shorts

1. Brand Awareness

YouTube Creators say that 15 billion people are already watching Shorts globally. And with what they said earlier about adding #Shorts to help with discoverability. Shorts seem like a great way to reach new subscribers and increase your brand awareness on the platform. One tip we would suggest is to include value in the Short itself, while also pointing towards a related video on your channel for even more value. For example, if you’re an eCommerce store and you have a 10 min video on ways to style certain clothing from your shop for spring. You could make a Short that shows 1 of your dresses styled 3 ways and then at the end, point them toward your spring styles video for more looks. That way, even if they haven’t watched your longer YouTube video yet, they walk away feeling like they gained value from your brand. Thus, giving them a positive interaction with you and helping you build brand awareness. Establishing that initial consumer-brand trust is important and key to them purchasing from you later down the road.

2. Reuse your Reels & TikToks.

Reuse your Reels & TikTok

Work smarter not harder! If you’re already making Instagram Reels and TikToks, just repurpose them for YouTube Shorts. You’ll have to do a little bit of adjusting here and there to make them work for Shorts.
But it’s doable and will save you way more time than trying to think of things from scratch for a third platform. Just remember that Shorts only lets you play music for 15 seconds. So, you may need to adjust videos that were originally made with the intention of having music play longer than that. Additionally, if you export videos from TikTok or Instagram after they’ve already been published, they will come out with either:
● The TikTok watermark or
● The Instagram Reels watermark on them
So, make sure you save the original video, without a watermark, to upload to Shorts. 

3. Provide more value.

If you’re not already posting Reels or TikToks and need to come up with some ideas from scratch for your YouTube Shorts, we would say above all just provide value. Value can come in many forms whether it’s via quick tips, a how-to, something funny or entertaining, etc. Think about the pain points or goals your audience has as they relate to your business and industry, then tackle those pain points and goals with your Shorts.

How To Create YouTube Shorts?

You can create shorts directly in the YouTube app. They’re limited to 60- seconds and required to be in portrait orientation, just like TikTok. It’s a very different way to think about a “YouTube video.”

To create a short, open the YouTube app on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device. Tap the + button in the bottom toolbar—YouTube calls this the “Create” button.

How To Create YouTube Shorts

Select “Create a Short” from the menu.

Create a Short

The Shorts recording screen will appear and there are several options here:
Add Music: Browse for music to play during the video.
Flip: Flip between the front and rear cameras.
Speed: Adjust the speed of the recording from 0.3X to 3X.
Timer: Set a time to start recording so you don’t have to hold the phone.
Short Length: Switch between 15 and 60-second recording length.
This only matters if you’re not doing the hands-free recording.
Gallery: Add video from your camera roll.
Record: Press and hold to record or tap to record hands-free for the selected time length. 

YouTube music library

When adding music, you can search through the YouTube music library.

To record a Short, tap the number above the record button to choose 15 or 60 seconds.

You can string multiple clips together if the total is under 60 seconds.

You can also press and hold the record button to record and lift your finger to stop.  

Again, you can string these together if they’re under 60 seconds.

YouTube record button

As you record, the progress bar at the top will show the clips and how much time you’ve used.

progress bar

Tap the checkmark button in the bottom right when you’re done recording.

checkmark button

On the editing screen, you have the option to add music again. You also can add text. Tap “Text” and you’ll get a bunch of options for how the text should look. Select “Done” when finished.

add text

The last thing to do is edit the music and text position in the timeline. If you added music, tap “Adjust.”


Drag the box around to select the portion of the song you want to use. Tap “Done” when finished.


If you added text, tap “Timeline.”


Drag the handles for the text to adjust when it should appear and disappear in the video. Tap “Done” when finished.

Done when finished

When you’re finished with the edits, tap “Next” in the top right corner.


The last steps are to give the Short a name, choose visibility, and select the audience. Once you’re done, tap “Upload.”

YouTube Shorts Upload

That’s it! You’ve successfully made your first Short. This is a very different way to make YouTube videos, but it’s easy and there’s less pressure to make something with super high production value.
Fortunately, anyone on YouTube can make a Short, so creators don’t have to worry about that kind of limitation.
That just leaves three things to demystify, which are how to create, upload, and analyze the performance of YouTube Shorts.

How To Promote Your Business Using YouTube Shorts?

YouTube Shorts Are they worth it

YouTube Shorts: Are They Worth It?

In an era of Instagram reels & TikTok, it is important to decide whether or not we should consider YouTube Shorts. These platforms have caused quite a buzz in the market, and everyone loves them.
With YouTube shorts, the role is the same as YouTube when it comes to work because in Shorts also creators are encouraged to distribute and share their videos.

It only requires a few things to be kept in mind when using YouTube shorts to market your business.

Why YouTube Shorts?

• You will receive the same views and subscribers.
• With YouTube Shorts, marketing is easy.
• You can share anything you want and promote it.
• Reaching out to your target audience is possible.
• You can make money
• Last but not least, the “SECURE” platform
YouTube shorts are now familiar to us, and we understand what makes them so valuable. Now is the time to learn how you can use YouTube Shorts to promote your business or brand. 

Best Ways to Promote Your Business using YouTube Shorts

Now that you know how YouTube Shorts are created, the next step is to figure out how you can increase the number of views on the channel.
The purpose of performing in a theatre without an audience is null, does it not? What does that mean?
This is to say that you need to build an audience that will view your work and benefit from it.
In the same way, YouTube shorts require an audience to share them with and hope they will enjoy them.
How will you accomplish that? Therefore, we are here to help you make your content more engaging and appreciated by audiences. 

1. Your Intent is more important than “CONTENT”

YouTube is nothing but a stepping-stone to overnight success, which is why thousands of people use the platform every day. 

They all want to be actors, comedians, dancers, singers, chefs, or whatever but very few achieve their goals. If there is a reason, what should it be? Because they are black, they don’t look fair, and they don’t wear expensive clothes and accessories.

Perhaps you are thinking of one of them, but you are wrong, and the reason they cannot is that they are “COPYCATS.” To build a brand, you should always remember that you need to be unique, yourself, and attractive to attract customers and subscribers.

What we mean is that show intent rather than just create content because nowadays everybody is copying each other. When making shorts of your brand, you need to keep in mind that you have 15 seconds to convert your viewers into subscribers.

To do this, you must create content that offers value, information, knowledge, and most importantly, a solution. YouTube shorts can be created on any topic that you would like to promote.

2. Show what’s coming next

As a business owner, you need to update your audience about what you will do next. YouTube shorts can help you do the same by allowing you to make videos or content on product launches, Q&A, and many other categories of videos.
Well, when you are clear that you want to promote your business, you must acknowledge the audience if something is new to them. This means starting to create videos about users’ concerns and letting them share their jargon in comment sections.
The benefit of doing this is that audience will be engaged with the brand and that’s how they will tell their family, friends, and loved ones. To measure the response of the audience, we can see the analytics that YouTube shorts provide and that’s how you can change your marketing strategy to improve results.
You can also take the help of social media experts to know more about how you can improve the views on your shorts. Ultimately, what you create should be a great deal for viewers because that’s what makes your business renowned and popular overnight. 

3. Create eagerness

If we could say that we have kind of getting is better than giving nature. This means we prefer to receive things from others rather than give them, doesn’t it? This can be the best marketing strategy for business owners. Offering gifts, contests, and giveaways with other creators can increase the reach of your YouTube shorts. Then, choose a song from the library and type a message about giveaways or contests so that users participate and have a chance to win.
Well, this will allow you to reach a broader audience since everyone who sees your video will share it with their friends and family. This way, many people will see your videos and become familiar with you.
Furthermore, you can share BTS videos about winning prizes, since that will enhance participants’ enthusiasm and allow them to stay in touch for a long time. In the end, showing eagerness can help your brand be known by thousands or even millions. 

4. Share reviews and feedback

Sharing user reviews and feedback with your new audience is the best way to promote your business. It is a form of word-of-mouth marketing that can help your brand become more widely recognized.
When your audience knows who you are, they will trust you more and you will build awareness around your brand. Therefore, don’t forget to share reviews so that you can attract new customers.

5. Consistency is key

Consistency does not mean sharing a barrage of videos within a minute. It’s just you are working according to YouTube Shorts’ algorithm. At the same time, you should be authentic since you are promoting a brand. 

Social media is all about finding the right niche and creating a community around it. In YouTube shorts, all you have to do is write one catchy line introduction at the beginning of your video to pique your viewer’s interest. The content needs to be witty because no one will like boring content that follows the same format as others. Be sure to post videos that are informative, commutative, and knowledgeable along with peaceful music that links to your content to keep your audience from scrolling anywhere else.


It’s clear that YouTube Shorts can be used to promote your business in many ways. These are the top ways to advertise your business, so make sure you implement them and reap the benefits.

Top YouTube Shorts Video Ideas

1. Quick Hacks

We all serve time no matter what we do, we cannot stop time. We are in a busy world where we all like to do things as fast as possible.
Share interesting hacks that can be related to any topics that you are interested in or it can be a trending topic that’s going on around the world and show some of the tricks that viewers can follow to save their time.
This could also be sharing a piece of knowledge but more in the tutorial way instead of just speaking from the camera. 

2. Myth Busting

This is where you take a commonly held belief about your niche or your industry and you bust it with an excellent example of your life.
There are a lot of life hacks that can be shown how to do, and cheap little things will make your life so much easier.
If you could test those things and bust myths around those beliefs within a 60-second short, people would really appreciate it. 

3. Amazing Facts

The whole idea of Ripley’s believe it or not is built on this idea or the Guinness world records, you can use an example here did you know that if you apply this certain leather conditioner to the seats in your car then they will actually last twice as long and show, make sure give some proof before and after.
Not only that you can make any different types of facts videos, that you are interested in, do research on the internet, read books on that topic and tell those facts in shirt single video. 

4. Story Time

If you were to take 60 seconds and tell a compelling story it could gain a lot of attention from users. It could even be an emotional story or an outrageous story or a humorous story.
Focus on only the key points and narrate the story in quick steps. You can even read a storybook and tell the key points of that story or share what you have learned from reading that book or doing a particular thing. 

5. Pure Entertainment

When we say pure entertainment, we mean creating videos that have only entertainment purposes, for example, you can make videos of what happened when your dog went in the snow, or it is playing outside.
Take videos for the only entertainment part and upload them on YouTube shorts. 

6. Micro Reviews

You have seen a lot of long YouTube review videos that’s can be any sort of products, foods, and other things. The micro review will be a short review of something that you have been using or that you have bought something new.
For example, if you want a restaurant now in 15 seconds you can explain the key difference or best thing about the previous restaurant you wanted. 

7. Experiments

This one would do very well if for example you had a baking channel and you wanted to do experiments - things that you make. One example could be what happens when I add a cup of baking soda to this cake recipe, and you show the experiment and its results.

8. Comparing

If you have bought something new or if you want to compare your favorite football players vs your friends' favorite football players, then you can simply do that just by adding some text animation. The same can be done if you are playing games with your family, and friends, and comparison can be shown who is better at gaming. Make short entertainment types of videos. You can apply this comparison to many different subjects depending on how you make the video.

9. Recycled Content

If you already have a YouTube channel where you have old videos, now you can take the best part of those videos or just take the most interesting part from a single video and re-edit and upload it on YouTube.
Please note do not copy other videos, if you are copying other videos then you are breaking YouTube policy and guidelines. Only use this trick on your own video and only when you don’t have any video-making ideas.
Lastly, remember to re-edit and not just copy and paste the best of your video. 

10. What’s inside the video

If you are following YouTube for a long time, then you might have seen a lot of people creating what’s inside videos.
For example, what’s inside this box, what’s inside this building, what’s inside my tech backpack, what’s inside my kitchen, and other interesting videos that answer the question of what is inside of something.

How To Share YouTube Shorts

As you browse videos on YouTube Shorts, you may come across a video you want to share with other people. If you want to share a YouTube Shorts video, our guide will show you how this is done.
Note: These screenshots were captured in the YouTube application on iOS. 

● Step 1: While viewing a YouTube Shorts video you want to share, tap the “Share” button near the bottom-right corner of the screen.

YouTube Shorts video share

Step 2: Tap one of the buttons to share the video through an email, text message, WhatsApp, and so on. You can also tap the “Copy link” button to copy a link to the video that you can paste anywhere.

Copy link button

Step 3: If you swipe to the end of this Share menu, you can tap the “More” button to see more sharing options.

More button

How To Get More Views on YouTube Shorts

As the popularity of YouTube Short videos reaches every corner of the world, many people have started to create exciting 15-to 60-second videos. But not many people know exactly how to grow YouTube Shorts content and garner more attention and views. Keeping this in view, we have curated a couple of techniques you can follow to get more eyeballs on your videos and connect with a new and even bigger audience

1. Set up YouTube Shorts Channel

First things, create a new YouTube channel dedicated to Shorts videos only. A separate channel will help you upload, organize, and manage the content easily and quickly. Plus, it makes it easy to get insights into your targeted audience and analyze the performance of each video. Note that YouTube doesn't offer any specific type of channel for YouTube Shorts, and you must proceed with creating a regular YouTube channel.
Here's how you do that:

Step 1 - Sign in to YouTube from your PC or smartphone.

Step 2 - Hit on your Profile Picture at the top-right corner and then, click Create a Channel.

Step 3 - Now, you have the option to set up a personal channel or a channel with a business or brand name. Choose an option, and create your name and other necessary details.

Step 4 - After that, drag the Short Videos section from the moving handle at the left and place it at the top of the list just below the Featured segment.

Step 5 - Finally, hit Publish to save changes.
And that's it. You have a dedicated channel for YouTube Shorts. Now, use this channel to upload Shorts videos and try not to upload regular video content on this channel. Remember that YouTube Shorts only appear on the mobile app at the bottom of the screen.

2. Add YouTube Shorts as a Featured Section

One of the simplest ways to garner more views on your short videos is by adding them to the Featured section. YouTube algorithms collect data over time and recommend "Featured videos" that they think might be useful or important for you.
For this reason, when you add a short video as Featured, YouTube automatically suggests it to a wider audience and you get more eyeballs. This feature lets your viewers explore short videos in a never-ending TikTok-style format.
Now, you must be wondering how to add YouTube Short videos under the Featured section. Fortunately, it's exceptionally easy for users to prioritize the videos under the Featured Section.
Here's how you do it:

Step 1 - From your PC's browser, sign in to your YouTube account and hit on Your Videos in the navigation bar.

Step 2 - When the Studio page pops up, click on Customization.

click on Customization

Step 3 - Now, hit on Add Section in the Layout tab. Then, select the option" Short Videos" shown in the list next to the "Add the YouTube Shorts" category.

Add the YouTube Shorts category

Step 4 - After that, drag the Short Videos section from the moving handle at the left and place it at the top of the list just below the Featured segment.

Step 5 - Finally, hit Publish to save changes.

Note that there're certain other factors at play, but in general, the videos in the Featured section are recommended to your audience rather quickly.

3. Optimize YouTube Shorts

After setting up the Shorts videos in the Featured list, try to optimize the videos as much as possible to reach a bigger audience. Optimizing a Short video isn't much different from optimizing a regular YouTube video.
The tips you follow don't impact whether your video appears Short or not. Below are the most important variables you should consider optimizing the Short video content.

1. Attractive Thumbnail

A thumbnail is the face of the video that lets users take a quick snapshot of what your video is about – so try to add as captivating a thumbnail as possible to garner more clicks. For any video you upload, YouTube adds a thumbnail by default. Take it down and include a custom, more appealing image. Users can pick any image from within the video or use a separate photo as the thumbnail.

While adding a thumbnail, make sure:

• It's relevant to the content of the video.
• The image should be clear, having text – if any - in large, bold letters to make it easier for the viewers to read.
• Don't use incorrect thumbnails as clickbait. Your videos may get more eyeballs initially, but your channel loses credulity and followers in the long term. 

2. Compelling Title

It won't matter how good your Short videos are if more viewers aren't attracted to them – and that's why YouTube video titles are so important. Considered your video's most important piece of metadata, a compelling title ensures a video gets more attention and clicks.
A good title includes a high-ranked keyword and a one-line summary of what viewers should expect in the Short video. Plus, it's better if the title resonates with the thumbnail of the video. 

3. Detailed Description

A video's description is the text below each video which should include the theme, content, genre, and nature of the clip.
A well-optimized description can lead your Short video to higher rankings on YouTube, boosting the number of views.
Write a relevant, complete, and captivating description to help the audience assess if the video would be helpful to them or not. 

4. Short Tag

Your Short video tags are basically for YouTube algorithms to assess the video's content. Make sure to add relevant tags for each of your videos.
For instance, '#Shorts' in the title and/or description shows that the video is created for YouTube Shorts.
Similarly, other tags reveal the theme and context of the video, allowing YouTube to understand its category, associate it with other similar videos, and rank it higher on search volume. 


The tips and tricks discussed above have proven to be very useful for promoting TikTok-style short videos on YouTube.

How To Fix YouTube Shorts Not Showing

Many users have claimed that YouTube shorts are not showing on their iPhones. If you're one of them then worry not as we are listing the best methods you can fall back on to fix this issue

1. Update YouTube App

Firstly, update the YouTube app on your iPhone to the latest version as the older versions aren't compatible with YouTube Shorts. The latest version has a dedicated section for YouTube shorts at the bottom of the screen.
So, go to the App Store and check if you have installed the latest version or not. 

2. Clear YouTube Data and Cache

Many a time, the YouTube app's cache and data are the culprits of why YouTube Shorts aren't showing on your smartphone.
So, delete the cache and check if the issue persists.
To do that:
• On your iPhone's Home screen, launch the YouTube app, and go to Settings > History and privacy.
• Now, tap on Clear the watch history and Clear search history.
• Now, restart the app and sign in with your account. 

3. Ensure a Stable Internet Connection

YouTube Shorts require a healthy internet connection to function. So, make sure your iPhone is connected to a stable Wi-Fi connection or mobile data is turned on. Simply launch your mobile browser and refresh it to check if your internet is working or not.

4. Restart Your iPhone

Sometimes, a minor bug in your iPhone's system is hindering the working of the YouTube app. The easiest way to get rid of it is by restarting your phone and launching the YouTube app again.

• Video not showing on YouTube Shorts

Even though YouTube Shorts is a mobile-only feature and doesn't support YouTube web, you can still upload short videos - less than a minute - from your PC.
Now, if you're uploading videos but they aren't showing under the Shorts tab in YouTube mobile app, here's what you should do to fix the issue once and for all.

1. Use #Shorts in the Title

First of all, make sure you're using #shorts in both title and description to tag it as a Short video. YouTube's algorithms use this hashtag to determine which videos are made for Shorts and otherwise.
Users having a Shorts camera, can directly make the YouTube Shorts video while others need to make "vertical videos" from a standard camera that should be less than 60 seconds.

2. Less than 60 Seconds

YouTube Shorts videos are of 60 seconds at max. Note that YouTube often adds extra 1-2 seconds to your videos for some videos, extending their length beyond the permissible 60 seconds. It can be one of the reasons why your videos aren't showing on YouTube shorts.
To play on the safer side, make sure you make videos that are 58 seconds or less in length. 

3. Don't Rush

YouTube Shorts is relatively a new feature and Google still must do a lot of research to make it better. Currently, the YouTube system takes sufficient time to assess and index your Short videos and recommend them to the users, which can take from several days to a couple of weeks.
So, if your videos aren't getting enough likes as you expected, don't get worried. Just be patient and work on improving your content.

• YouTube Shorts Videos Are Not Showing up Correctly

YouTube displays your Short videos in a vertical thumbnail together with other regular YouTube videos on your channel. But if for some reason, YouTube shorts is not appearing correctly on your channel, you need to tweak your channel's settings to view the videos properly.

Try the below solutions:

1. Customize Settings

• Open the YouTube app and go to your channel.
• From the Featured sections, hit on Add section.
• Here, you'll see view Short videos under the videos section. Hit on it and all the videos having #short in the title and description will appear here.
Now, manage them as you want.

2. Create New Account

You can create a dedicated channel to make and organize the YouTube Shorts. Doing so will make it easy for you to view the short videos in one place.

How Do make some money from YouTube Shorts?

One thing to note about this is that it’s separate from the YouTube Partner Program. That means you wouldn’t need 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours like you would on their partner program.
This sounds like great news for new creators. But there is one catch: it’s an invite-only program, according to their blog.
Each month, they plan to reach out to thousands of creators whose Shorts received the most engagement and views to reward them for their contributions.

This means you can only get in if YouTube wants you to. This will certainly discourage some creators from creating short videos, but on the other side, some will work hard to get that invite.
If you’re a creator on YouTube and have been creating Shorts for some time now, you’ve done the right thing. The direction YouTube will take with YouTube Shorts is predictable. They will most likely keep increasing their budget, starting from $100 million. This is because $100 million is a minuscule amount compared to the $30 billion, they have paid their creators over the last three years.

estimated revenue

So, if you didn’t get an invitation at first, don’t fret. The only thing you must do is to realize how useful Shorts can be because of one straightforward reason:

• Easy Virality

Short-form content, be it videos, articles, or text on images (memes), goes viral very quickly, very fast. This is because people are under the illusion that they have enough time to watch that short video, image, or text. But they end up watching these “short” videos for hours.
Therefore, every short video supports the one succeeding it. One video leads to another, and it goes on. Entertainment in this form had never been served a few years ago. People are getting busier, but they are getting even busier in their own minds, so they want something short for entertainment without wasting time. 

So, Are You Ready for YouTube Shorts?

You can create a brand-new channel for Shorts or add Shorts to your existing channel. If your video fulfills the criteria for Shorts, YouTube will classify it as Shorts with no hassles. Apart from the regular strategy of creating YouTube content, you do not want to forget two words they stressed on their blog.

• Original content

Yes, YouTube has made it clear that it will send invitations to users who have contributed with original content. This is a clear signal you shouldn’t just reuse TikTok or reels for YouTube Shorts. A simple algorithm can detect the TikTok logo on your video and prolong your wait for monetization.
Take special note of the music you want to add in the background because the music library available for TikTok or reels isn’t available for the use of YouTube till now. 

• Adhere to community guidelines

This portion doesn’t need any further explanation.
Make sure your Shorts also follow the community guidelines.

The Future of Shorts

Shorts is here to stay. TikTok has shown that the internet is full of interesting people with interesting stories.
Whether you create poetry, you are an educator, or you review products, Shorts can be a new marketing strategy to reach your audience.
With YouTube rolling out monetization for Shorts, creators can’t afford to avoid Shorts. You shouldn’t either. Get ready with high-quality videos. YouTube Shorts videos are accessible not only through Shorts but also through normal browsers. So, as far as possible, create high-quality videos, both in terms of pixels and content.

YouTube Shorts Analytics: Why every creator needs this data?

• How To View YouTube Shorts Analytics

On YouTube, there are three ways to view Shorts analytics. Two of those methods are for desktop viewing and one is for viewing on mobile. To see analytics on either device, here’s what you need to do.

1. Method 1 –View Individual Video Stats on Desktop

• While on the desktop, go to the YouTube Studio.
• In the left navigation menu, click ‘Videos’.
• Hover your mouse over any video, and some menu options will appear. You’ll want to click the analytics button, which looks like a tiny bar graph.
• On the right side of the page, you’ll find real-time stats for views coming from YouTube Shorts, as shown below:

Viewing Individual Video Stats on Desktop

2.Method 2- View Channel stats on desktop

• While on the desktop, go to the YouTube Studio.
• In the left navigation menu, click ‘Analytics’.
• Next, you’ll see a section showing views, Watch Time, subscriber count, and estimated revenue for your channel. Scroll directly below this section and click ‘See More.
• Go to the filter tabs at the top of the page and click ‘Traffic Source’. This action divides the views on your channel by all the different ways people can watch your content, which now includes YouTube Shorts.

• Take a look below:

Method 2: Viewing Channel Stats on Desktop

3.Method 3 - View stats on a mobile

• Open the YouTube Studio app and click ‘Analytics’ in the top left menu.
• Click the ‘Discovery’ tab at the top of the page and you’ll see a list of traffic sources for your views, including those from YouTube Shorts. 

• Analyzing a YouTube Shorts Channel

YouTube Shorts, their analytics, and how everything gets monetized is kind of confusing right now. If you have a channel dedicated to YouTube Shorts, things get even muddier.
To compete with TikTok, YouTube will probably keep developing Shorts and all the data that come with them. We just hope future metrics help creators do what they desire most, which is getting more views, subscribers, Watch Time, and revenue on YouTube. 

Tips to Grow your Channel with YouTube Shorts

We’ve seen creators get more views with Shorts, but the challenging part is keeping the momentum going.
With recent updates, you may have to think differently about the way you create short videos.
The latest Shorts updates have revealed four undeniable truths:
• Shorts are appearing in search results, so you should absolutely create them.
• If you focus on making unique Shorts that go viral, subscribers will find you.
• Every Short needs a pinned comment.
• Musical Shorts may contain trends or dance challenges, which means you should research topics and songs before you press record.

Now that you have some background knowledge, here are four tips to grow your channel with YouTube Shorts. 

1. Ditch The Hesitation

Are you familiar with the Shorts shelf?
This display area for short, vertical videos has been on the app's homepage for months. Now it’s also appearing on search pages.
If you’re posting Shorts to YouTube, this is a new opportunity to get your content discovered.

How to ‘Search’ For YouTube Shorts

Viewers can find your Shorts via search results but not in the traditional, topic-based way.
Follow these steps to understand how they appear on YouTube:
• Open the YouTube mobile app.
• Next to your profile icon, click the magnifying glass at the top right corner of the screen.
• Type a channel name into the search bar and tap the appropriate result when it pops up.
• Scroll down past the first few results – the icon that takes you to the channel, the latest posts from the channel, and regular, horizontal videos – until you see the Shorts beta shelf.

If you don’t post any Shorts, your channel probably won’t appear on this shelf. But you can quickly fix this by posting a few Shorts, searching for your channel, and seeing if the shelf appears.
Our suggestion has always been to upload Shorts because you never know what YouTube is going to do with them. In this case, it’s a new display area we’ve never seen before.

What About Topic-Based Searches for YouTube Shorts?

There is one downside to this feature, though. Performing a topic search instead of a channel search doesn’t return the same results.
There’s no Shorts shelf when we type the word “Minecraft” into the search bar, for example. The shelf only appears in search results when we type a channel name.
There is one downside to this feature, though. Performing a topic search instead of a channel search doesn’t return the same results.
There’s no Shorts shelf when we type the word “Minecraft” into the search bar, for example. The shelf only appears in search results when we type a channel name. 

2. Immediate Benefit of Creating YouTube Shorts

If you’ve struggled to gain subscribers from Shorts, that might intensify in the future. YouTube made some layout changes to the Shorts player, and the subscribe button is less prominent than it used to be.
In the old layout, the subscribe button was red and higher up on the player. Now the button is grey and very close to the bottom of the screen.
It seems like YouTube wants to take the emphasis off of subscribers, at least for Shorts. What we do know is that views, not subscribers, have always been the biggest reward for posting Shorts. Some creators get millions of subscribers, but that’s usually because they’re posting unique content that’s hard to duplicate. For now, create the best Shorts you can possibly make. Make them so entertaining that people deliberately search for the subscribe button, even if it’s harder to see.

3. Redirect Viewers to Additional Content

Shorts are similar to TikTok; viewers watch them quickly, swipe to the next video, and repeat the process as they cycle through content. It’s hard to get people to slow down, but when they do, you should give them something to look at.
The comment section is a good place to do this. Because subscribers are harder to gain with Shorts, you should make sure each video has a pinned comment. You can highlight additional content – a playlist, a Short that serves as a part two, whatever you like – and encourage people to explore your channel. If people like what they see, they may hit subscribe.
The pinned comment is your best tool because Shorts don’t have info cards or end screens for suggesting content. Even the video description is hidden behind a two-tap journey. 

4. Explore Music Driven Content

Music help videos go viral. That’s what’s been happening on TikTok and even older platforms like Triller and the unforgettable sensation that was Vine.
Now YouTube wants to create the same appeal on its mobile app. On March 18, the platform unveiled a feature for adding music to Shorts.
As more creators get this tool, you should research which songs are appearing in certain videos. Then you can add something unique to a trend after seeing what others posted, hopefully making your content stand out. To start researching, look for the icon below. If you see it, which means the creator added a song from the Shorts camera tool. 

Explore Music Driven Content

Tap the icon to see more Shorts using that song. This is where your research will really take off as you discover how the song is being used if there’s a challenge associated with it, and more. At the top of the page, you can also see the original YouTube video for the song.
YouTube is slowly rolling out these features. You may not be able to do all the things in this post, but it’s good to know what’s coming. When the tools arrive in your app, be sure to follow these steps.
Upload Shorts without hesitation, make them entertaining, use pinned comments, and do your topic research. 

How can YouTube Shorts boost your e-commerce?

YouTube released YouTube Shorts on March 18th, 2021, and it hit a huge success. With the closure of TikTok in several countries, YouTube Short has achieved great success.
With TikTokers, YouTubers, and marketers swarming to YouTube Shorts, the feature has got great recognition and engagement.
Now, believe me, you can use this engagement to your own advantage. How?
Let’s find out.

1. Engaging

The biggest reason why you should be using YouTube Shorts for eCommerce is that it’s engaging.
With thousands of eCommerce websites available on the net, you’ll want to have some exclusive engagement to stand out and captivate your shoppers. And, YouTube Shorts for eCommerce allows you to do just that. As per the statistics, there are more than 12-24 million eCommerce websites available on the internet, and more are getting created every day. A study also shows that videos no longer than 2 minutes gain the maximum engagement and likes.
Customers are like babies. They have a very short span of attention and can easily get attracted to something different and new.
Thus, you’ll want to make sure that you’re delivering everything you want to convey within the shortest timespan possible to keep them engaged. Therefore, if you want consumers to know you and listen to you completely, YouTube Shorts for eCommerce is the key. 


2. Brand Visibility

YouTube Shorts for eCommerce are a great way to bring your brand to the eyes of customers. If you’re consistent with creating YouTube Shorts, people are bound to recognize you.
With several short videos created, this consistency can help you gain a lot of followers as well as subscribers which can turn into potential buyers.

3. Instils Trust

The brand that is getting easily engaged and participating in social activities is generally accepted by society.
Your consistent presence helps your customers to know you better, rely on you, and know that they’re dealing with an authentic and genuine business. Creating YouTube Shorts for eCommerce and engaging with your customers through commenting and replying helps you create a stronger bond with the audience.
This bond is especially precious if you’re new in the market and trying to catch as many target audience as possible and build loyal relationships.

4. Boosts Conversions

In the end, all your efforts come down to sales. With better engagement, improved goodwill, and strong bonds with your customers creating YouTube Shorts for eCommerce helps you build better conversions.
Once people start to know you better, they can easily trust you to buy from you. This helps you convert the viewers into potential buyers and boost eCommerce sales online. 

• How to use Shorts for Business Growth

The real question you want to ask is what do you create over YouTube Shorts that relates to your business?
Well, there are a number of interesting things that can be created for 15 seconds and are impressively creative and effective. 

1. Tips and Hack Videos

The most popular and engaging videos trending currently are showing easy tips and hacks for doing things. You may create such short videos showing any tips and hacks relevant to your business. It isn’t necessarily whether or not it showcases your product.
It isn’t always good to run after-sales as your chasing and sales behavior can shoo away your customers. Work for their benefit and they’ll benefit you.

Here’s what you can do:

For example, if you’re dealing in makeup products, you can show a tip or hack for applying mascara in one go or removing nail polish quickly even without the remover.
Such YouTube Shorts videos can be created and edited to fit the 15 seconds time frame and get the kind of engagement you’ve never imagined. 

2.Create How-to product videos

Many times, people won’t buy your product because either they believe it’s of no use to them or they don’t know how to use it. So, you may create YouTube Shorts for eCommerce showing ‘how-to-use your product. Keeping the example of the beauty products, you may show your audience how they can use your facemask or hair mask, or fake eyelids. How-to videos can be created for almost every niche and product. Be it technology, food, health, or anything.
This not only brings engagement but also makes your audiences aware of what you’re selling and how they can use it. 

3.Introducing your product and its description

Fifteen seconds is a decent time to talk about your necessary product details. This helps you make people aware of what your product is. Talk about its features and ingredients or things used in it. People are more likely to buy things they’re thorough with.
Unlike a physical store, they can touch, feel, or experience your product. Thus, it’s your responsibility to assure them of what they’re buying in one way or the other, and, creating a YouTube Short showing product detail is an excellent way to do it. 

Introducing your product and its description

4.Showing off your product benefits

Rather than selling your product, create a need for it. Tell your customers why they need your products, and what benefits they’ll give to them. You can either speak up about your product benefits on your YouTube Shorts videos or can simply stand and introduce them in text around you.
Such videos look pretty and deliver the purpose. You can disclose the benefits of each product in each video. This can allow you enough content to be consistent and create a brand as well as product awareness.

5.Create enticing product trailers

About launching a new product. Why not tell your customers about it? You can create a sophisticated product trailer and feature it on YouTube Shorts. This makes your customers wonder what next, they can expect and hold their excitement till you release it.
It’s effective to prepare your customers beforehand rather than dropping the bomb all at once. Trailers also help you find out how people are responding to your products and anticipate their success. 

6. Give them a sneak peek at ‘Behind the Scenes

Customers are highly interested in knowing what brands are doing behind the scenes, how are they making their products, and what’s their work culture.
The more you let them in, the more they feel connected with you. They know that they know you well, and they respect your transparency.
The Scenes videos are also expected to be highly alluring and captivating. Creating such YouTube Shorts for eCommerce build trust, spreads awareness, improves goodwill, and increases sales of your products.
Video Marketing has proven to be the most effective and converting marketing strategy to grow eCommerce businesses. Short videos that can be created by YouTube Shorts and Instagram Reels are a great way to achieve that aim.
When it comes to consumers, you’ll want to leave no stone unturned to engage them and turn them into lifetime buyers.

How to Prepare for YouTube Shorts Fund?

• What is YouTube Shorts Fund?

The $100 million YouTube Shorts Fund will be distributed in 2021 and into 2022. YouTube says it will notify creators who qualify for a bonus payment from the Shorts Fund the second week of each month in the YouTube app; they will then have until the 25th of the month to claim the bonus payment before it expires.

A creator’s all YouTube Shorts videos will count toward their Shorts performance each month that they receive views (not just the month they were uploaded).
The bonus payment amounts will be adjusted based on a channel’s total Shorts performance and their audience’s location.
The level of performance needed to qualify for a bonus payment may differ between creators (based on audience location for example) and may change from month to month “due to fluctuations in audience location and the number of creators making Shorts,” YouTube says.
With the launch of the Shorts Fund, creators now have 10 different ways to make money on YouTube. In addition, the YouTube Partner Program for ad-revenue sharing, those are revenue sharing from YouTube Premium; Channel Memberships; Super Chat; Super Stickers; Super Thanks;

merchandise sales; concert ticketing; and YouTube BrandConnect (previously known as FameBit) to connect creators with sponsors.

Excluded from payment eligibility are YouTube Shorts that include nonoriginal content, such as videos reuploaded from other channels, as well as videos with watermarks or logos from third-party social platforms. To make the most of the YouTube Shorts Fund, you need to take a few steps. They involve getting to know the platform, your content, and the scheme.

Here are the top six things you need to consider.

1. Decide if YouTube Shorts Is for You

Monetization is the latest perk for Shorts creators, who can earn their share of the $100 million set aside just for them. As YouTube elaborates in a blog post on the Shorts Fund, other tools to look forward to including filters, captions, infinite audio, and the ability to add images from your device. YouTube Shorts and its Fund are all still works in progress, so they’ll need time and your help to settle into a good pattern.

2. Learn to Use YouTube Shorts

After its success in India and the US, YouTube Shorts is branching out to the rest of the world. If you have access to the feature, dig right in and learn everything you can.
Learn how to use YouTube Shorts and make the platform your own. For example, these mini-videos always have to be vertical in layout, so prepare your smartphone too as your main recording and editing device.
However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t explore how your computer can help the process. You could capture high-quality footage with your webcam and then adjust it to fit the requirements.
Once again, YouTube’s gradual upgrades determine what you’ll be able to do. This makes learning the system extra important. 

3. Learn How to Attract Viewers

Based on YouTube’s policies, it’ll be rewarding the most popular Shorts. In other words, you need to make sure your videos draw viewers’ attention and the best way to do that is through research and practice. New YouTubers should start with the basics, from planning videos to setting up all their components smoothly. Shorts can be no more than 60 seconds long, so find a good balance between visuals and audio to drive your message home fast and effectively.
Even experienced creators need to stay on top of trends and best practices. How to become a virtual YouTuber, for example, is a growing interest and will definitely influence Shorts too. Applying this and other popular methods can boost your visibility. 

4. Build and Maintain Your Audience

A key point to remember is that you don’t have to be in the YouTube Partner Program to be eligible for the Fund. This means there are no set thresholds to worry about—like 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 public watch hours. Nonetheless, building a fanbase can get you lots of views and positive impressions quickly. If hundreds of users immediately respond to each video you post, it will surely grab YouTube’s interest too. In terms of the Shorts Fund, it’s a good idea to have your channel’s many subscribers ready and waiting. This way, when the scheme officially launches, you can hit the ground running.

5. Pay Attention to Functionality

As you master YouTube Shorts, make a note of features you like and dislike. Is there something you would do differently with the software? Are there functions other apps have that would work well here?
YouTube will go through a lot of trial and error before Shorts and its Fund are remotely ready for consumers. The best part is that you have a say in what works or doesn't.
If and when you can use Shorts, expect requests for feedback—which you shouldn’t ignore. Without user insights, the tool’s developers won’t know what to improve. At the same time, the experience can boost your knowledge of the platform and even inform the content you share.

6. Stay Updated With New Details

If you’re excited about the YouTube Shorts Fund, make sure you stay informed. You’ll see many changes in the coming months, both regarding the tool and its monetization.
Taking an active interest in the whole process means you can jump on each new feature. No matter how long it sticks around, it can still benefit you, your subscribers, and your potential income.

Be Smart with Your YouTube Shorts

The rules are still up in the air in terms of what channels will count as most popular and eligible for the YouTube Shorts Fund.
Even so, you should be careful when it comes to designing your videos. Knowing your way around trends and regulations can affect how far up the ranks your channel goes.
Factors like swearing, posting shocking content, and flashing images may compromise your viewership, so avoid them while shining a positive light on your brand. 


There is no doubt that consumer behavior is shifting towards convenient content experiences. YouTube Shorts provide a strong, well-established platform with vast audiences and an accessible content creation tool. Whilst there are some concerns, with extended testing and improvements over time, YouTube seems to have blended both long and short-form content so that brands can utilize it effectively. YouTube has monetized Shorts, which means you should learn to make brief, vertical videos and capitalize on the opportunity to grow your business.

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