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Facebook Lead Generation Software

Facebook Lead Generation Software

The Fastest Lead Generation Process.

Facebook Lead Generation Software

Your Facebook Group Is Your Goldmine Of Leads

Creating a lead generation funnel from your Facebook group is the easiest way to build your leads and client base.

If you look around you’ll find thousands of people whose business and content have flourished because they wholesomely reaped leads from their Facebook group.

Why Your Facebook Group Is The Best Place to Find Leads

There are multiple reasons why your very own Facebook group is the best place to garner leads. Here are some eye-opening reasons:

Members that hope to join your group are already interested in your niche.

Members joining your group have unique ideas and pre-learned knowledge that will help you.

Members who are interested in your group will continue to contribute to your content.

If your group is active and constantly engaging, your existing group members help bring in more interested and related members to join your group.

They are already convinced by your subject expertise. You’ll need less pressure and effort in converting them into your clients or customers.

All you have to do is capture leads from your Facebook jackpot.

So How Do You Do That?

Manual Process of Generating Leads

Besides the regular tasks of running a Facebook group, there is a unique procedure to generate leads from your Facebook group.

First, you’ll have to set up 3 questions for new members to join your group. The first two questions should be about what the new members hope to seek and learn in your group, and what they bring with them to contribute. The third question should be asking their email address.

Once you have set these up, you’ll have to copy the answers each time a new member joins, and then paste it on a Google sheet.

You’ll also have to make sure the right people enter your group. Window-shopping Facebook users who just join groups for the heck of it will ruin your engagement statistics. Hence, you need to filter out the spammers.

Then, you’ll also have to send customized messages to declined members. Some users require a gentle nudge to answer the questions before joining. Sometimes they forget and they could be worthy members of your group.

From the Google sheet, you can then manually pick the email addresses, add them to your email list, and send out content newsletters etc to turn these leads into your future paying clients or customers.

To Excel, You Need To Automate

Time is money, if you have to reap benefits you’ll need to be fast.

If you have a really fast-growing group with more than 10 members joining in weekly or daily, you’ll need a tool to automate the entire process for you.

Automating your lead generation process from your Facebook group will help you save hours if not days of your time. You’ll be able to make more money and save on hiring a VA to do the tasks for you.

The tech market is highly dynamic. There is only one way to find the software best for your fit. The one that lets you test it out completely.

While there are many software tools in the market that claim to help you generate leads from your Facebook group, there is only one that actually does the job.

Group Leads, a chrome extension used by over 2000+ entrepreneurs and businesses, has proven as the ultimate leader in completely automated lead generation.

This means that you do nothing except set it up, everything is automatic. From there, Group Leads does the entire lead generation as well as multiple tasks for you on autopilot.

Here’s a list of things that Group Leads does for you:

  • Auto-approves members (useful for a fast-growing group)
  • Auto-declines spammers (saves your time by filtering them easily)
  • Auto-creates email list (converting them into prospective buyers)
  • Auto-transfers member email addresses to your email autoresponder (No need of buying)
  • pricey softwares like Zapier etc)
  • Auto-saves leads to a dashboard and a Google sheet (saving you from Data loss)
  • Auto-messages declined members (saves your time on sending customized messages)

In this quickly evolving world, you have to race along fast enough to hit the top.
Everything you invest in must reap benefits for you.

Finding leads from your Facebook group is not just leads.

Leads generation software Group Leads helps you reap a massive email list, potential clients and customers, a strong actively engaging group, all from your Facebook group.

It is time you automate everything

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